Products and Services

Tesco Corporation is focused on bringing cost-saving technology to the oil and gas drilling industry. Known worldwide as THE DRILLING INNOVATION COMPANY™, Tesco is the leader in research, development and commercialization of innovative products and services to reduce drilling costs, improve safety and efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

Our job doesn’t end after the delivery of your leading-edge Tesco equipment. At Tesco, our commitment to our customers extends for the life of the product. Our Aftermarket Sales and Services provides 24-hour support, parts shipment and advice from specialized technicians.

Tesco Innovation: Top Drive Drilling Systems. Tesco pioneered a technology that made modern drilling procedures available to most rigs. Bringing time and cost efficiencies to any drilling application, our line of hydraulic and electric top drives has proven successful on rigs worldwide. Anywhere there is a well to be drilled – land-based or offshore, urban locations or remote jungle, in desert heat or frigid Arctic environments – a Tesco Top Drive can improve operations. Rig managers have confirmed that consistent use of the Tesco top drive system makes their crews more efficient and results in fewer accidents.

Tesco Innovation: Casing Drive System™. Tesco Casing Drive technology is available to all top drive-equipped drilling rigs, integrating the advantages of top drive drilling to your casing running operations. Tesco’s Casing Drive System™ limits the amount of equipment and workers on the rig floor, with mechanized operations under direct control of the rig’s driller, improving safety and efficiency.

Tesco Innovation: Aftermarket Sales and Services. Tesco is proud of our team of certified, experienced professionals standing by to assist you in the same-day quotation, purchase and expediting of top quality, original replacement parts for your Tesco Top Drive or other drilling equipment. Tesco’s Aftermarket Sales and Services can be reached 24-hours a day at +1-713-359-7295 (International) or 1-877-TESCO-77 (North America).

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