Built on a foundation of drilling, the TESCO team has the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture, deliver and support complete CASING DRILLING™  rig packages regardless of destination or application.

The Driller’s Difference.  Whether your drilling application requires the versatility of  TESCO’s modular CASING DRILLING™ rig or the mobility of a trailer-mounted drilling unit, you can be sure you’ll be experiencing all the advantages that have set TESCO apart from competing, conventional drilling rig designs. TESCO CASING DRILLING®  rigs have been developed with innovative technology including advanced hydraulics and electrical components, programmable logic control, automated pipe handling and, of course, built-in TESCO Top Drives. These innovations increase efficiency and improve safety by reducing labour-intensive, potentially hazardous work.

Harnessing Hydraulic Power.  All TESCO CASING DRILLING® rigs are hydraulic powered using the proven mobile closed loop hydraulics perfected through hundreds of portable hydraulic top drive installations. Unique to the rigs are an advanced power distribution system which distributes the hydraulic power to the three primary rig functions (mud pumps, top drive and drawworks) from common prime movers and hydraulic pumps.

The Power to Control.  The TESCO CASING DRILLING® rigs programmable logic controllers (PLC) monitor and assess a variety of data throughout the rig. From the climate controlled Driller Control Centre the PLC monitors every drilling function and routinely displays, alarms, and functions each step of the drilling process. Preset operational sequencing coupled with TESCO’s pipe handling features provide semi or complete hands free drilling resulting in a much more efficient operation which reduces traditional labour-intensive, potentially hazardous work.


When Mobility is Paramount. Whether the lease is halfway around the world or in your own backyard, today’s global marketplace makes mobility and environmental sensitivity key to success.  All TESCO’s rig designs have features that make them efficient to transport.  Each TESCO rig is compact and require less footprint  than that of a traditional rig.

Top Drive Any Time. One of the greatest advantages of a TESCO-built rig is the inclusion of its revolutionary top drive technology. All TESCO rigs are designed with the top drive permanently in the mast.  Even raising and lowering the mast takes place with the top drive in place. Rig managers have confirmed that consistent use of  TESCO’s Top Drive system makes their crews more efficient and results in fewer accidents.

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To learn how TESCO’s innovative technology can improve drilling efficiency and safety in your organization, please contact our corporate headquarters.

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