Casing Drive System™

TESCO Casing Drive technology is available to all top drive-equipped drilling rigs, bringing all the advantages of top drive drilling to your casing running operations including the ability to circulate, reciprocate and rotate simultaneously, as desired.

TESCO’s Casing Drive System™ virtually eliminates costly unscheduled events that can occur when the casing string is not moving (stuck casing). TESCO’s Casing Drive System™ limits the amount of equipment and workers on the rig floor. Worker safety and efficiency is increased significantly by eliminating the need for workers to perform duties while on platforms or being suspended above the rig floor, during one of the more potentially hazardous rig operations.

TESCO offers a complete Dynamic Cementation System™ for today’s drilling rigs equipped with top drives. TESCO’s Cement Swivel attaches between the top drive and the automated casing running tool, TESCO’s Casing Drive System ™, which enables the casing to be rotated and reciprocated while cementing. The displacement plug is mounted on the Casing Drive and launched remotely, without having to disengage from the casing string. TESCO’s cementing solution allows for the fastest, most efficient operational changeover time between landing casing and pumping cement. Moving the casing while cementing has proven to significantly improve cement bond and well integrity which is critical in today’s drilling and completion climate.

To learn how TESCO’s innovative technology can improve drilling efficiency and safety in your organization, please our Corporate Marketing department.