Multi-Lobe Torque™ Rings

The TESCO MLT™ ring is a high performance, low cost OCTG connection enhancement that delivers premium performance to standard API Casing and Tubing and extends the utility of operator pipe inventories.

Application and Advantages

Casing Running

  • Positive torque shoulder increases torque capacity of API threads in drilling. Highest torque performance is achieved with API Buttress threads.
  • For running pipe, allows rotation of casing & liners without thread damage, improving cementing operations. Particularly effective when used on problem wellbores with top drive and casing running systems.

Tubing Work Strings

  • Positive torque shoulder provides enhanced torque capacity for API EUE tubing used in work strings.
  • Torque shoulder prevents over make-up (surface and downhole) and extends thread and seal life by controlling coupling and pin stresses, reducing rethreading costs.

Tubing Production Strings

  • Smooth bore reduces turbulence and erosion and improves flow performance. Sand and debris are blocked from entering threads, reducing wear and thread damage during breakout.
  • Higher connection torques can eliminate pump anchors in strings with Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) and reduce connection back-off.

Costs Savings

  • MLT™ rings fit standard API “off the shelf” casing and tubing and extend the utility and value of OCTG inventories.
  • MLT™ rings offer engineers a new strategy for cost savings.

Easy to Use and Field Proven

  • MLT™ rings are compatible with full API make-up tolerances through selection from four lengths for each size and weight of casing or tubing.
  • MLT™ ring installation is fast and easy and can be done at well-site, pipe yard or mill.

Design & Features

  • TESCO MLT™ rings provide a positive makeup shoulder when installed in standard API Round and Buttress threaded and coupled connections. The Multi-lobe ring shape and OD surface-finish hold rings firmly in place during transporting, handling and running casing.
  • The positive shoulder provides a dual benefit of (1) increasing torque capacity (termed Delta Torque), allowing use of API casing and tubing connections in drilling and work-over applications, and (2) preventing couplings and pins from being overstressed, particularly relevant for extending thread life and reducing rethreading cost of API tubing.
  • MLT™ ring sizes are specific for pipe size (OD), weight (wall thickness), and API connection type (EUE, STC, LTC, BTC), balancing flexibility with high torque capacity.
  • The MLT™ ring ID creates a flush geometry with the pipe and enhances flow efficiency while protecting threads from debris.
  • MLT™ rings are easily field installed and are made from API specified steel grades. The standard grade is L-80 with the option to boost performance further with higher strength grades.

  Multi-Lobe Torque Rings 2   Multi-Lobe Torque Rings 3

  Image of a selection of Multi-Lobe Torque Rings

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MLT™ Rings
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