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500/650 ECI 900 Top Drive

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical top drive information. Learn more about Nabors Canrig-branded top drives.

Tesco’s 500 ton and 650 ton ECI(S) 900 Top Drives are modular, high performance electric top drives built for demanding drilling applications and are compact enough to fit into any triple mast. In the ECI(S) 900, traditional induction motors have been replaced with two liquid-cooled, magnet-synchronous motors which are capable of producing up to 450HP each.

The complete system including the top drive, torque system and power unit can be installed in less than one day, typically with no rig modifications necessary. A double ball mud saver is also incorporated into the system’s design.

The ECI(S) 900 offers all critical pipe-handling functions including elevator link-tilt, extend/retract functionality (for making mouse hole connections up to 60 in. from well center) and 360° pipe handler rotation. The grabber can act as a backup tong for making or breaking connections and will accommodate tool joints from 76.2 mm (3 in.) to 222.25 mm (8 3/4 in.) OD.

The ECI(S) 900 top drive’s unique design integrates the gearbox and pipe handling spool resulting in a very compact unit. It also incorporates a programmable logic control (PLC) which enhances communications between the driller’s panel and the drive system, optimizes efficiency and provides important safety interlocks.

The ECI(S) 900 comes standard with a quill that can be connected to the existing rig swivel. As an option, it can be ordered with an integrated swivel and quill assembly, as denoted by the “S” in “ECI(S)”



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