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150 HXI 700 Top Drive

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical top drive information. Learn more about Nabors Canrig-branded top drives.

The HXI 150T was developed in respect to the customers' requirements for a high performance top drive capable of fitting the small drilling rig and mobile rig market. Several equipment options allow the operator to adjust the length, from 9 to 13 feet, for a top drive tailored specific to their application.

Powerful for Long Reach Horizontals
The 700 hp system generates 24,000 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque making it the most powerful top drive in its class. The HXI 150T is ideal for shallow, extended reach horizontal wells and perfect for maximizing ROP throughout the vertical sections.

Reliable for Optimal NPT Reduction
Keeping in line with the success of the HXI 250T, the 150T utilizes the same hydraulic motor and gear train as its big brother. Rest assured the HXI 150T will deliver the required performance with the reliability one would expect from a Tesco top drive.

System Options
Torque Restraint & Traveling Block
  ◦ Removable Torque Track Assembly
  ◦ Mast-Integrated Dolly System
  ◦ Integrated Split-Blocks

Power Unit
  ◦ 500 or 700 hp Diesel Power Unit
  ◦ 500 hp Electric Power Unit
  ◦ Custom Power Solutions Available upon Request

Equipment Health Monitoring System
  ◦ Real-Time Monitoring Analysis of Drilling Equipment
  ◦ Improved Performance & Reliability

Anti-Collision System
  ◦ Define & Control Acceptable Operating Limits for Drilling Equipment
  ◦ Prevent Safety Hazards & Down-Time



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