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Product Upgrades

Tesco understands that minimizing down time is critical in any drilling operation. It is for this reason that Tesco is committed working strategically with partners in order to eliminate non-productive time (NPT).

Utilizing Tesco as a resource for high-quality parts and performance upgrades, customers can count on equipment to deliver the world class performance needed in the field and stay in tune with the ever changing drilling demands.

Contact your Tesco service center to learn what performance upgrades are available for your Tesco equipment today.


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TDS-11SA Torque Upgrade
Aftermarket Sales and Services
Tesco 350/400 EXI 600/800 Top Drive Upgrade Kit

ESI Torque Track Upgrade
Video and Animations

True Results

EXI 600 Upgrade Results in New Rig Contract

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For Tesco Direct Customers, we are pleased to offer our Tesco Customer Parts Catalog Portal system where customers can easily access account information, generate your own quote and order online.
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