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Tesco Corporation seeks to improve the efficiencies of the drilling process by providing a range of rig mechanization products, tubular services, aftermarket services and innovative technologies to the upstream energy industry. Tesco has locations around the world and a history of experience in every major petroleum-producing region.

Behind every action is a focused attention to provide the highest quality products and services. Tesco’s innovative technologies are a direct result of attention to the needs of rig operators and contractors, and it is Tesco’s priority to provide solutions for the challenges of today’s market. With a strong commitment to in-house research and development, Tesco is able to visualize innovative concepts and create real product or service solutions that add value and reduce drilling costs.

Ensuring the safety of employees is also an integral part of operations at all levels that is supported by appropriate training and education to meet the standards of the industry. Products are also designed to provide ease of operation and a safe environment for the end user.

At the end of the day, Tesco’s success is owed to its people. Tesco’s greatest inventions, most significant accomplishments and most interesting success stories are a result of some of the smartest, most passionate and dedicated people in the industry.

To learn how Tesco’s innovative technology can improve drilling efficiency and safety for your organization, please contact us.

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