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Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Security: Our Commitment

Tesco Corporation is committed to executing excellence in all its business practices and operations. We recognize that the success and long-term profitability of Tesco is built on the product quality and value of service we provide to our customers. It is our objective to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner, which protects the environment as well as safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to promoting a culture and maintaining a framework that ensures continual improvements in QHSES performance.

HSE Policy Statement
At Tesco we believe that incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable. We are committed to managing our activities to minimize adverse health, safety or environmental impacts.
Tesco HSE Policy

Quality Policy Statement
Our business depends on our reputation and the quality of our products and services. In today’s competitive environment, quality is highly scrutinized, and our customers demand the highest level of performance and products to ensure safe and reliable operations. We are committed to creating superior products and an environment of consistent performance that meets or exceeds our customer expectations.
Tesco Quality Policy

Tesco Operating Management System (TOMS)
The Tesco Operating Management System (TOMS) is the keystone of our commitment to managing potential hazards and risks inherent to our operations and executing excellence. TOMS provides a company-wide, integrated approach to manage risks related to our operations. TOMS is based on a collection of industry best practices and is modeled on a continual improvement cycle that aligns with the risk based emphasis of key international standards.

TOMS is the foundation for a safe, effective, and high-performing Tesco. It has two purposes: to further reduce QHSES risks in our operations and to continuously improve the quality of those operations. TOMS defines expectations and requirements for our business lines, and guides behaviors to manage QHSES, prioritize activities, and continuously improve our operational integrity. It provides us with one systematic and controlled holistic approach for how we manage our business. We conduct ourselves and our business with due care and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. As with any management system, the objective is company-wide consistency while providing our individual country management the tools to address their particular risks, within a corporate framework. This ensures we have a uniform approach across Tesco, while allowing flexibility and accounting for local context in how we manage QHSES locally.

The Tesco Operating Management System (TOMS) Framework is comprised of:

The Fundamentals: Four Fundamentals form the basis of an effective Operating Management System (OMS). These Fundamentals are not applied sequentially. Constant focus on each Fundamental will sustain TOMS, strengthening its performance and effectiveness.

The Elements: Elements together form an OMS structure which contain underlying principles and guidelines. The four Fundamentals apply equally to every Element of TOMS to drive its success. The expectations are translated into procedures and practices, which drive performance excellence.

The S.A.F.E. Way
The SAFE (Sustainable Accident Free Environment) Way was developed to reinforce the concept of incident and injury-free work. It is a process that helps to identify hazards before an activity starts and assists employee to identify potential hazards that may be encountered if the task changes. The SAFE Way assist our employees to think about the hazards associated with the job and asks them to consider six (6) simple questions to complete the task safely. The SAFE Way empowers our employees by providing them the information necessary to make informed decisions.

STOP Work Authority
Tesco is dedicated to achieving sustainable business results whilst ensuring that our people go home without harm every day. A Stop Work Authority (SWA) establishes the responsibility and authority of any individual to stop work when an unsafe condition or act could result in an undesirable event. In general terms, the SWA process involves a stop, notification, implementation of a safe resolution, and continuation of activity.

The intervention can be anything from asking a simple question to ensure that no risk is present to stopping work in progress. A discussion is then engaged with the people working and the supervisor to stop the hazardous action. If the problem can't be resolved right away, the work is stopped until the appropriate measures can be implemented. Because the objective is to engage in a constructive conversation so that we can move forward together, no one has to worry about being disciplined for their Stop Work Authority, no matter what the situation.

We choose to focus on and recognize Stop Work because it provides our employees with a powerful and effective safety tool. It turns “what could have happened, into what didn’t happen”.

For further information, please contact our QHSE Team.

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